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Schedule update

I dropped Physics 2B.

I know I said Physics 2B was my favorite class of the moment, but that was because I enjoyed being IN it. I mean, I could still go to that class and enjoy listening to Professor Newton’s lectures.

And yes, I know—that makes me a quitter. And you might be thinking that I did it to save my GPA.

Well, part of that is true. There is no way in hell I would have gotten an A in that class. But I seriously wasn’t that intent on getting one anyway—I know that physics isn’t my thing, and expecting to get good grades every step of the way in life, even in things that I’m not good at, is a very delusional way of thinking. I was hoping more for a B, but I realized that even that was going to be a stretch in this class.

The main reason is that physics REALLY isn’t my thing. Staying in a class in which you have no idea what is going on because you like the teacher is seriously a waste of time. Professor Newton is GREAT. He’s funny and his lectures are clear, but I can’t even get a hold of the basics. So that’s my fault.

To be honest, I signed up for Physics 2B because I couldn’t get into any chemistry classes that worked well with the rest of my schedule. I’d been on the fence about dropping it for a while, and finally did it this afternoon after I tried to do some last-minute studying for a quiz that was scheduled for today. I got the gist of how to solve all of the problems except for one, and even that was achieved by looking up some of the questions online (a.k.a. I cheated). The last problem (actually that was the only problem that required the last-minute studying) was just impossible for me, and I figured that if that was just the beginning of the class then I had a lot of things coming to me in the future. And honestly I’m just not passionate enough about learning physics to take the initiative and work hard in this class. (And that’s also my bad.)

I’m still enjoying the rest of my classes, though.

  1. morningpoops said: duuuude i felt the same way when i dropped math a few months ago.. i definitely don’t regret it now :D :D :D :D
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